About Me

IMG_0791EARAC Diploma in Photography (1986), CITY and Guilds Photography (1986), BTEC Ceramics (2009)

Diploma in Art and Design (2013)

My intention is to communicate my ideas and interests through my work using a variety of mediums. Through research and focus on an initial idea I invariably find a particular medium presents as the best way to move forward. A process of learning and exploration commences, with the idea evolving along with with my increased understanding of handling and managing a new medium.

In 2013 I completed a Diploma in Art and Design at Putney School of Art.This site contains a small selection of work produced whilst undertaking the Diploma, which culminated in the ‘Seven’ Show at Studio 106 Art Gallery in July 2013. The pieces for the show are based around a family crisis which happened a decade ago and explore, through an installation piece, absence, loss and separation. My latest project ‘Tracing the Future’ explores the continuous mediation of the image via mechanical processes. The mediated image evolves as it is presented via multiple mechanical mediums, gathering unique characteristics at each stage which alter the image through enhancement or degradation and dislocate it from its original state and intended meaning. Through experimentation and mechanical exploitation of borrowed images I have explored new ways to combine and capture the idiosyncrasies of the mechanised image and shown the potential to create through the resulting images a new narrative.

I hope you enjoy my work. If you have any enquiries about the works, please email me leaving your contact details.